Ladies and Gentleman!


We want to present the information about „JAGO” Jan Gogolewski Sweets Production Plant. Our goal is to assure you that we use top quality natural products. Constant modernization of our plant, taking care of eco-friendly food safety and improving the skills of our employees are the things that make us stand out. High quality of our products is achieved through innovative technology and newest machinery. The confirmation of the company’s ever-improving results are the awards:

  • Lider Przedsiębiorczości 1998
  • Znak Jakości Kujawsko-Pomorskiej Solidarności
  • Złoty Laur
  • Platynowy Laur
  • Polski Sukces 2001
  • Lider Przedsiębiorczości 2005
  • Polski Producent Żywności 2006
  • Najlepszy Regionalny Produkt Spożywczy
  • Fair Play 2006
  • Fair Play 2007
  • Polish Producent

and certificates:

  • HACCP/DS. 3027:2002

In our activities, we are focused on meeting the growing expectations of our customers, which we implement through a constantly expanding assortment, meeting delivery times, price discipline, and preferential discounts. We cooperate with retail chains and wholesalers in the country and abroad.

The history of „JAGO” Jan Gogolewski Sweets Production Plant dates back to 1969, when the current owner, Jan Gogolewski, started the production of ice cream and the baking of Italian rolls in Bydgoszcz. The actual development of the company took place in 1974. Jan Gogolewski launched confectionery production on a larger scale. High dynamics, constantly increasing turnover and an established position on the market allowed us to undertake new investments. In 2007, we started production in a new plant, in modern production halls with extensive facilities. Striving for the safety of our products, we have certified the HACCP system, and we are implementing the IFS and BRC systems.

Today, „JAGO” Jan Gogolewski Sweets Production Plant offers a whole range of impulse-packed products: wafer products, stuffed rolls, layered wafers, biscuits, sandwich cookies and chocolate coated products.


Therefore, we do everything to make our mark associated with excellent products.


We invite you to become our partner.